I am Adam Holter

I want to integrate AI into your Christian social media marketing business to enhance and streamline your social media management or consult your business to show you the tools you can be using. I keep track of all the advancements in AI that you can be using, so you don’t have to.

Social Media Writing Assistants

I offer AI services to streamline social media management for Christian businesses and professionals. This offering is creating custom AI bots tailored to match the brand voice and generate content like social media posts, blog articles, and more for your clients. These bots are made using Claude 3 models from Poe AI.


I'm still working on clarifying my exact offering here.

Team Training

I'm still working on clarifying my exact offering here.

This is also my blog

I don’t update it very often, but I’ve got some blog posts on this site.

My Experience

“During his internship, Adam consistently demonstrated a high level of enthusiasm, professionalism, and dedication to his responsibilities. He was an integral part of our team, contributing significantly to our social media initiatives.”
Guided Impact
I'm on retainer for buiding AI solutions for their social media management service for future clients.
A Rejected Stone
I currently hold weekly consulting meetings with Jason Moffat at Sojourn Digital, where we cover updates, and build tools to help Sojourn do what they do.
Sojourn Digital

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