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What I’m looking for in GPT-5:

First things first, of course, it needs to be the best LLM out there. If it doesn’t blow away the competition, I’ll be disappointed.
Next on the list, it has to have all the capabilities of GPT 4. We can’t lose DALL E, vision,  or code interpreter, and web browsing is a must. Now we get to something we haven’t really seen from OpenAI. I am hoping that GPT 5 will have a really long context window. We’re talking about around a million tokens. GPT 5 needs to catch up to Google and Anthropic in this area.
Finally, and most importantly, I want GPT-5 to be able to find and use custom GPTs from the GPT store. IF GPT-5 can use custom GPTs as sub-agents, then that would make it at least twice as useful. Imagine telling GPT-5 that you wanted a full course on state-of-the-art AI, and which AI is best in which field. Then it finds GPT AI textbook to start the planning, Consensus for the latest research, Invideo to make short videos to go with each lesson, and finally using code interpreter to make the PDFs and give you the files. You could go from one prompt to a full multi-media course on any topic! So that’s what I’m looking for in GPT-5. If you have any other things you want on this list, feel free to contact me anytime. Bye!