I make social media management more efficient with AI.

I am Adam Holter, and I want to integrate AI into your Christian social media marketing business to enhance and streamline their social media management. I keep track of all the advancement in AI that you can be using, so you don’t have to.
Here’s a bot that I created:

I can create personalized AI bots, that are taught how to write just like you do and streamline your workflows. Whether you are writing posts, creating content calendars, or making reports for clients, I can make your time more productive with AI bots that integrate with your existing workflows.

Cost: $199-299
(Price can vary on factors like complexity, and budget.)
Create a distinct voice for your brand with a Custom AI Bot tailored to your needs. This one-time fee provides you with an AI capable of generating blog posts, social updates, articles, or whatever content you need to create that resonates with your audience, and speaks in your brand voice.

Brand Voice Alignment

My AI tools also help ensure that every post, update, and article consistently reflects the values and spirit of your clients. This alignment is crucial in maintaining a strong, coherent brand identity across all your digital platforms.

Optional Monthly Maintenance Plan: $20/month for ongoing updates and optimization. This plan ensures your AI tools remain effective and up-to-date, adapting to new trends and platform changes. This service also gives you access to call me for support whenever you might need it.

Why Choose My Services?

I know I’m young, but I know how to use AI to serve God’s kingdom in the real world. I make these technologies affordable so even small businesses and professionals can access them. No fluff or corporate jargon – just results that glorify Christ.

You can find my previous experience using AI to help manage social media on my resume page.


To discuss how my AI tools can transform your social media strategy, contact me with the form below.

Technical Details:

I use Poe to create Bots. That means I can make these bots with varying levels of intelligence, speed, and capability.

They can make social media content, content calendars, website copy, or whatever type of content you might need. I can also give the bots knowledge of different tools you can use for things like image creation, and research tools.

I typically use Claude 3 as the base model on the bot, because it is better than GPT 4 at style matching. I can use Claude 3 Haiku to make faster, cheaper bots that can write well, or I can use Claude 3 Sonnet if the bot needs a higher level of intelligence to handle the task at hand. I can always update a bot with the latest technology if a better option becomes available.