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Case Study: GPT System


In digital marketing, creating engaging social media content consistently can be challenging. This case study explores the development of an automated AI workflow designed to streamline the social media content creation process for a marketing agency serving faith-based organizations.

The Challenge

My client, a digital marketing agency, was looking to enhance their social media content creation process. They needed a solution that could:

  • Generate content ideas aligned with their brand
  • Create draft posts efficiently
  • Produce relevant images for posts
  • Facilitate video content creation
  • Allow for human oversight and customization

My Approach

To address these needs, I developed a comprehensive AI-powered workflow integrating multiple tools and platforms. The workflow includes:

Content Generation

Custom-trained GPT for generating post ideas and draft content in content calendars designed to integrate with the client’s content management system.

Image Creation

The initial GPT points to another integrated GPT to create media for the posts. This GPT produces images in the graphic style that my client already used for their social media. It then edits the images by superimposing captions and premade profile photos onto the created media.

Video Content

Once the stills are made, the GPT points to other tools, like Invideo’s custom GPT and Luma AI, for animating the still images.

Human Oversight

All of this takes place in a GPT interface, so whoever is using the tool can make adjustments and edits with natural language instructions, and ask questions to help them through the process.

Scheduling and Publishing

  • Automated scheduling system integrated with major social media platforms
  • Flexibility to manually adjust posting times

Current Status

The workflow has been built and is currently in its testing and revision phase. I conduct tests on a pre-made rubric and tune the instructions until the GPT has consistent, easy workflow performance.

Next Steps

Once the GPT is consistently performing well and the agency is integrating it, there is one more step I can take. I can add a final step where you can actually schedule the content directly with Zapier from right inside the GPT workflow.


The tools I am building and integrating into a natural language workflow can help you become more efficient with your content creation. The best part is: As the technology the workflow is built on improves, so will the quality, efficiency, and simplicity of the tools. As companies pour billions into AI, your social media workflow will directly benefit from billions of dollars of R&D that you aren’t paying for.